Weight Watchers

Sabatino v. Weight Watchers North America, Inc., U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe, LLP, filed a proposed class action complaint against Weight Watchers on September 17, 2009, alleging that Weight Watchers does not pay its California Leaders and Locations Coordinators for all the time they work in violation of the California Labor Code, fails to reimburse them for certain expenses, and also violates other rights these employees have under California law. If you are interested in learning more about the case or have information that you think might be relevant, please call Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe, LLP, today at 415-906-2647 and ask to speak with John Mullan.

On May 23, 2011, the Court signed an order granting final approval to the settlement negotiated by the parties, under which Weight Watchers will pay $6.2 million to settle all claims in the case on behalf of a class of Leaders, Receptionists, and employees who performed hourly-paid Location Coordinator work for Weight Watchers in the state of California at any time during the period from September 17, 2005, through January 8, 2011. You can read about the proposed settlement by viewing the Class Notice and the Joint Stipulation of Settlement Release. If you did not receive a notice in the mail about the settlement, and you believe you should have, please contact us or the Settlement Administrator, Rust Consulting (877-657-9154). Also, if you believe you are part of the class, and you have changed addresses since you worked for Weight Watchers, please contact us or the Settlement Administrator, Rust Consulting (877-657-9154), with your new address. On July 7, 2011, Rust Consulting Inc., the Settlement Administrator, mailed settlement checks to class members. The deadline for cashing settlement checks is November 4, 2011.

View key documents relating to the settlement here

  • Class Notice
  • Joint Stipulation of Settlement and Release

Contact Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe, LLP, in San Francisco, to learn more about this class action by calling 415-906-2647.