Vierra v. Timec

Joseph Vierra, et al v. Timec Company, Inc., Northern District of California

Rudy Exelrod Zieff & Lowe and co-counsel, The Leigh Law Group, filed a proposed class action complaint against Timec Company, Inc., dba Transfield Services ("Timec") on September 10, 2014 alleging failure to pay regular and overtime wages to workers who work as general laborers at oil and gas various refineries in California.

The lawsuit alleges that Timec's non-skilled "Field Employees" are sub-contracted out to various oil and gas refineries throughout the state of California, where they work alongside skilled maintenance workers as Safety Attendants, Laborers or General Helpers. The lawsuit further alleges that the Plaintiffs are required to "badge in" at their assigned refinery up to one hour before their shift "sign in" time in order to take internal transportation to the refinery location where they will be working, change into their safety gear, and, in some cases, participate in "safety talks" --- all of which activities take place before their shift "sign in" time and all of which are uncompensated. The plaintiffs are seeking unpaid regular and overtime wages and other compensation on behalf of current and former Field Employees throughout the state.

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